Springhill Tree Farm
Christmas Trees at Springhill Farm
It’s more than just the tree, it’s the experience.

Choose and Cut your own Christmas Tree, Made to Order Fresh Wreaths and Garlands

Our farm is open daily for Christmas tree sales starting Thanksgiving day at 3pm. We have a good supply of Fraser Fir trees and field trees.

Hours of operation:
Thanksgiving Day we open at 3pm and close at 6pm
Friday after Thanksgiving we open at 10am and close at 6pm
Saturdays 10am to 6pm
Sundays 1pm to 6pm
Weekdays 1pm to 6pm

We are located about 7 miles south of about 7 miles south of Bainbridge, Ga.

795 Woodhull Rd



Join us for an adventure on the Spring Hill Express! Saturday December 11th from 5pm-9pm we will show a movie screening of The Polar Express. Tickets are $10 and they include: 1 serving of hot cocoa and cookies, pictures with Santa, a ride on the Spring Hill Express (our hay ride customized into a train that can fit several people on each ride), 1 take home reindeer food bag, and The Polar Express movie on the lawn. You can buy tickets at the event or buy them online here: Spring Hill Express If you buy online please bring a screenshot or copy of your ticket to the event for entry. Call Dan Provence for more info: 229-400-0329

Tree Pricing

Our choose and cut field trees are priced at:
$8 per ft. for trees to 10ft.
$10 per ft. for trees over 10ft.
We feature Carolina Sapphire this year.

Our fresh cut Fraser Firs are the best available from the mountains of North Carolina and are priced at:
$80 for 6 to 7ft.
$100 for 7 to 8ft.
$135 for 8 to 9ft.
$170 for 9 to 10ft.

Carolina Sapphire 5ft to 9ft, Choose and cut.

This is a beautiful tree that holds ornaments well and has a great aroma. It has become a favorite tree for a lot of our customers.

Fraser Fir Pre-Cut 6ft to 10ft.

The Fraser Fir is a truly superb Christmas tree. Fraser Fir are grown in the mountains of western North Carolina. The dark green color and fresh-cut aroma makes it one of the most desirable trees on the market. Even heavy ornaments can be hung from its strong boughs that have been pruned carefully for the desired shape. The silvery underside of Fraser Fir’s soft needles are pleasant to the touch and are retained on the tree throughout the Holiday Season.

Virginia Pine You Choose and Cut 6ft to 8ft

The Virginia Pine is well known in the South, particularly in choose and cut plantations. Virginia Pine is native to central and eastern North Carolina. The soft long needles that have a strong green color have special appeal to consumers. Good pine fragrance is evident throughout the room that this striking tree adorns. The Virginia Pine has moderately strong boughs and good needle retention if handled properly.

Leyland Cypress You Choose and Cut 5ft to 10ft. – NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL 2022

Our Leyland Cypress field is not ready this year. They will be ready for the 2022 season. We do have beautiful Carolina Sapphire available for cutting this year

The Leyland Cypress is a beautiful tree with soft scale-like foliage. When properly cared for the Leyland Cypress Christmas Tree will stay fresh much longer than most other tree types and they do not shed needles, making them easy keepers. They are also hypo-allergenic, allowing people who have allergic reactions to real trees to be able to have a real tree again. Due to heavy customer cutting the past couple of years our inventory for this year is at a minimum.

Come out Early because our busiest time is the first 10 days after Thanksgiving.

  • We provide sharp saws and measuring poles for our customers.
  • We have a mechanical shaker to shake debris and loose needles from every tree cut.
  • We have a tree baler to wrap each tree in a net to make transportation home easy.
  • Most tree farms charge for these services but we provide them free of charge .

See Information on Caring for your Christmas Tree

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